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WSL will guide your company to compete in the new era of WELL.  The social movement to live healthy means shoppers expect health benefits in everything they buy -- and innovative products and services are responding.  By spending differently shoppers are rapidly transforming the dynamics of the ‘healthcare’ business.

The WELL Workstream

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We are bringing The Big Business of WELL Symposium on the road offering a one hour summary of it to your organization.  Sharing the key messages will help your colleagues appreciate the need to view WELL as consumers see it – even if that means changing how you go to market. The content will include video clips from the terrific roster of speakers who shared their WELL strategy during the presentations.

WELL Insights & Reports

The Big Business of WELL
US & South Korea

Living WELL is a global social movement for people and industry innovators. New health professionals are gaining respect, and all categories from durables to consumables are offering health benefits.

Follow the Generations to the New World of WELL. Learn the expectations of Millennials, Gen X and Boomers, and see the future of healthcare through the behaviors of Gen Z.

Learn what makes South Korea an opportunity in The Big Business of WELL: U.S. & South Korea Report. This is a study published in collaboration with The Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute in Switzerland.

WELL Retail Safari®

Tour WELL Retail Innovations
Around the World

Wherever you travel, take time to see how retail space is being transformed to present health and wellness. Retail Safari® maps are available for New York City, Boston, San Francisco and Chicago with more coming soon.

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