Hot Topic Reports

These timely, quantified reports take a special look and analysis of hot topics -- cultural, social, and economic factors -- that are impacting shopping life.
  • Population Shakeup

    The shoppers of tomorrow are here and are bringing with them unique shopping behaviors and preference. This report profiles the shifts in US demographics that will be significant game changers for retail - and tells brands and retailers what they must do to be ready.

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  • The Wellness Uprising

    The uprising is the mainstream movement to be healthy and well. It has moved beyond organic, yoga and Whole Foods enthusiasts. The idea of being well crosses all age, gender and income levels.

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  • Switch - Swap - Trade

    Today the retail shelf is not as powerful as it used to be. This report uses the shoppers’ behavior across 21 different categories to show you how to drive brand loyalty at retail.

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  • Men & Shopping

    Do you know enough about today’s shoppers to capture their dollars? WSL's new report on men "Men & Shopping: The Myths & Realities" is a qualitative and quantitative study of Men vs. Women shopping behaviors.

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  • From Buzz to Buy 3.0

    Our latest digitally focused trend report, From Buzz to Buy 3.0, will help you develop the right digital retail strategy that will intercept shoppers along the changing path to purchase.

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  • Where Did the Walmart Shopper Go?

    This report debunks several myths surrounding the decline in Walmart's US sales, and gives you an action plan for a post-Walmart world.

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