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Where Did the
Walmart Shopper Go?

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Whether Walmart is your biggest customer or biggest competitor you need to understand where did the Walmart Shopper go and what does the post-Walmart world look like for you.

This report debunks several myths surrounding the decline in Walmart's US sales, and gives you an action plan for a post-Walmart world.

  • Myth #1. Walmart's core shopper is gone. Not so. The core shopper is still there, but its not enough.
  • Myth #2. The core Walmart shopper drives the company's sales. Unlikely. They don't have enough money to spend to pull Walmart out of its hole.
  • Myth #3. Walmart shoppers are now in Dollar Stores. Don't blame it all on Dollar stores. Every channel is doing its part.
  • Myth #4. Walmart stands for EDLP. Not anymore. Everyone shouted low price during the recession, and shoppers listened.
  • Myth #5. The "nicer shopping experience" has damaged Walmart. Not exactly. Shoppers give the new experience good reviews.
  • Myth #6. Walmart shoppers have less to spend. Yes. And the affluent shoppers who once shopped there didn't have enough reason to stay.