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From Buzz to Buy 3.0

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Your guide to Choose the Right Buzz to Impact Buying.

From Buzz to Buy 3.0 is our third trend report that will get you up to speed on how digital information is changing the path to purchase and what that means for retailers and manufacturers. This report will:

  • Provide the insights you need to make informed decisions on where to invest your digital dollars
  • Bring your sales teams, buying groups and other non-tech teams up to speed on digital for retail

How Does Social Media Influence Shopping?
Learn where social media ranks compared to other sites that shoppers go to for shopping-related information.

Where Are People Going for Answers?
Understand how digital information is playing an integral part in how people learn where to buy, what to buy, and how to get the best deal.

How Are Mobile Devices Revolutionizing Shopping?
“Mobile” is no longer just about the smartphone. See how different devices are becoming an important part of the mobile story.

3rd series of our From Buzz to Buy Reports: