Retail Safari®

What is the future of shopping and how will it impact your business? 
Find out during a Retail Safari® to explore innovation at retail.

Ideas don't always lurk in the obvious places. Dive deep into new shopping concepts. Explore the difference between innovation and ho-hum. Travel to new sections of stores you know, and enter others that most people wouldn't consider relevant. Our experience shows us there are gems of ideas out there, just depends on whether you know where and how to look. Through our proprietary process, come explore with us. We will stimulate your thinking and help you build your observations into successful new business strategies.

A Retail Safari® Includes:

  • Planning meeting to capture objectives
  • Pre-tour briefing of shopper trends
  • Retail workbook to record learnings
  • Transportation to 5-7 retail stores
  • Follow up brainstorming session to translate the day's learnings into actionable ideas for your business.