How America Shops®

"Everyday" Subscription

How America Shops® Everyday is an annual subscription package that tracks, analyzes and predicts shopping behavior - translated into what it means to your business + access to WSL online library.
  • Hot Topic Reports

    3 Big issue reports, by the shopper segments you want. Deep dives into your categories.

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  • Trends from the Edge

    Early alerts on emerging issues and why they are relevant to shoppers, brands and retailers - US and global. (10 issues/ year)

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  • "Gotta See" the Future of Retail

    Virtual tours of innovative retail concepts - US and Global
    (30 virtual tours/ year).

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  • Shopper Insights Library

    An online library of "shopping life" intelligence.

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  • Face-to-Face Activation

    Customized, as you need it

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How America Shops® and How The World Shops® are the foundation of our shopper insights. It explains why shoppers buy as they do, where they're headed, and what influences them beyond the everyday.