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Men & Shopping

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Are men your ticket to growth? In a tough economy every shopper counts, and retailers are counting more men in their aisles. Do you know enough about today’s shoppers to capture their dollars?

This How America Shops® 2013 Men report is a comprehensive look into the shopping habits of men.  As more men claim they are the primary shopper, brands and retailers need to understand the effects of this emerging trend. 

Here is our table of contents: 

  1. Meet The Men Who Shop - Demographics 
  2. Men & Shopping - Where & How Often 
  3. Economic Influencers - Spending on Categories 
  4. How Men Shop - Sales, Coupons, Rewards & Service 
  5. Men & Wellness - The Role of the Retail Store 
  6. Digital Marketing To Men - Social Media and Mobile 
  7. Reaching Men in Stores - Retail Formats & Marketing Ideas

This study will provide answers to how men actually shop. Use this report to address blind spots in your selling plans with our synthesized data.