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The Wellness Uprising

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The uprising is about the passion of the shopper to find new categories and services to keep them well. Traditional wellness categories will face new competitors.
This report will tell you the “who, what, and how” to seize your share of the wellness uprising.

You will learn:

  • An uprising is a unique time for opportunity that doesn’t come along everyday.
  • A breadth of categories, services, and retailers can participate in the wellness uprising.
  • Millennials are leading the uprising to alternative care, and others will follow.
  • Lower income shoppers follow the wellness movement on the Internet and TV.
  • To seize the wellness opportunity, retailers and brands must earn shopper trust.
  • It is now retail clinics vs. Main Street urgent care.

This report includes senior retail executives at the major retail chains on how they will seize the wellness opportunity.

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