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Population Shakeup

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This report profiles the shifts in US demographics that will be significant game changers for retail - and tells brands and retailers what they must do to be ready.

Major retailers and brands were born during the decades when the success of US business was driven by how similar the population was – how it looked (mostly Caucasian), what it wanted (similar aspirations), how it felt (optimistic). Now it’s different on all counts.

With this report, you will learn

  • How the prototypical American household has changed.
  • How the suburban sprawl that drove the retail boom has made a u-turn.
  • That youth is no longer the golden goose of retail.
  • That Moms are, and will be, less of a shopping force.

In this report we explore the differences in shopping attitudes and behaviors among:

  • Generations (iGen, Millennials, Gen X, Young Boomers, 65+)
  • Income (<$25K - $150K+)
  • Moms (All Moms, Caucasian, Hispanic, African American Moms)
  • Household Type (Single Person HH, Adult Only HH, HH w/Kids, Multigenerational HH)
  • Community Type (Urban, Suburban, Rural)
  • Ethnicity (Caucasian, Hispanic, African American)