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Take Charge of Your Omni-Channel Destiny

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This report helps you bring order to the chaos and take charge of the Omni-Channel world.

Online shopping is still in its infancy – eBay and Amazon were launched in 1994 – but its impact has been much bigger than its 20 years.  Shoppers now have fewer boundaries for what they will or won’t buy online, which means all categories are in play.  Not everyone shops this way – but everyone knows they can and they know they have choices to suit each different buying occasion.

With this report you will learn:

  • Who is shopping online most often
  • Which retailers are best at attracting shoppers to their websites
  • Which categories are being bought online today, and which will be bought online tomorrow
  • What drives a shopper to purchase Online vs. In-Store

In this report we explore the difference in Online vs. In-Store shopping attitudes and behaviors among:

  • Generations (iGen, Millennials, Gen X, Young Boomers, 65+)
  • Income ($25K - $150K+)
  • Ethnicity (Caucasian, Hispanic, African American)
  • Household Type (Single Person HHs, Adult Only HHs, HHs w/Kids)