How America Shops®

Build My Magic Box 

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This report reveals what shoppers want the "brick" store of the future to be now that their lives and Shopping Life®, have been changed forever by the Internet.

In this report, shoppers tell you, in their own voice, what they
expect of the physical store – today and tomorrow: the role of brands, personal service, digital, and more.  In all, how to build their loyalty in this re-calibrated Walmart-Amazon world.  For brands and retailers, this is your roadmap to the future of retail.

Within this report you will learn:

  • The digital age has made people more isolated and more in
    need of personal interaction.  Understand
    how to create a “human” store that delivers personal connections.
  • Brands on the shelf must let shoppers re-imagine who they
    can be as they walk the aisles choosing what to buy.  Will you help them be a better homeowner, a
    better mom, healthier, prettier, and happier? 
    “Re-imagining” is revealed here in the words of shoppers.
  • Every shopping trip is a circle of anticipation (what will I
    buy) and satisfaction (will I like it), whether it is a trip for basics or the
    extras.  Learn how shoppers explain these
    two ends of the shopping trip, and their expectations.
  • There is not one right store; there are many stores.  Hear shoppers describe the store they want,
    when and where.