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Switch - Swap - Trade 2016

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Today’s retailers and manufacturers have changed the “path to purchase.”

In this report we looked at how the practices of manufacturers and retailers have changed the path to purchase.  Shoppers switch brands, swap retailers and trade values more than ever before and we tell you what to do about it.

Here is some of what you will learn in “Switch – Swap – Trade” 2016:

  • Shopper marketing and the in aisle experience have impacted brand loyalty and loyalty to the retail store.
  • The use of mobile in store has doubled, returning brand decisions to the aisles of the store.
  • The impact from retailers’ strategy to add innovative items and to showcase new and exclusive items is changing behavior.
  • Shopping behavior is further separating Millennials from older shoppers.

This report analyzes over 20 established and emerging channels, nearly 70 retailers and 37 categories.  So keep in mind that some of the most valuable learning may be in categories and channels where you do no business but provide indicators to where your business, your categories and your
shoppers are headed.