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Social movements move slowly, and Wellness is no exception. However, business demands for growth come fast.

If your business depends on motivating more shoppers to buy goods and services that make them feel and look healthy, then you need to understand the Wellness Opportunity Gaps in this new report.

#1  Energy is what most shoppers want most, but it is hardest for
      them to get it. This report covers what Energy means
      and how to deliver it.

#2  Mental Outlook supports wellness, but many shoppers feel they
      are missing a healthy mental outlook.

#3  The Look of Health appeals to segments of shoppers who      
      want help doing better.

Special Analytic Groups available:

Shoppers of 25+ retail chains, including all Mass Chains, Specialty Retailers, Department Stores, Online Retailers

Buyers of 46 product categories, including Beauty, Beverage, Food, Health, Home, Personal Care, Pet Care

Demographics Age 18+, Gender, Income, Ethnicity  

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