How America Shops®

Point of View 2018-2020

Key shopper and retail trends
that will define your growth strategy.
To succeed in 2018 and beyond you must recognize a new retail world is here and the opportunities to thrive are endless. She wants it fast, easy, and differentiated. 

  • Can you move beyond promotion to add real value? 
  • Can you accept that iterative innovation no longer works? 
  • How will you deal with fringe channels and ankle biter brands stealing your share? 
  • Are you agile enough to cause disruption? 
  • Do you know her well enough to deliver happiness?
In the past year, we’ve talked to 10,000 shoppers, tracked 50+ categories, analyzed 150+ retail formats, and interviewed over 100 retail executives. After sifting through all those insights, we’ve put together the key trends that you need to know (and act on) to thrive in 2018 and beyond.