How America Shops®

Point of View 2018-2020

Key shopper and retail trends
that will define your growth strategy.

Retail is in turmoil driven by the demands of a new Shopping Goddess.  You need to understand quickly how she is turning your business on its head so you can succeed in all the chaos – or because of it.

In the past year, we’ve talked to 10,000 shoppers, studied 50+ categories, analyzed 150+ retail formats, and interviewed over 100 retail executives.  In POV 2018-2020 we synthesize all this work to bring you key trends and insights so you can understand what’s happening and develop strategies to drive growth. 

Some of what you’ll learn...

  • The new retail landscape has settled in...How you can take advantage of it.  (Hint: It’s not about Amazon.)
  • There’s a new shopping world of predictable contradictions...How you can (must) take advantage of it.
  • Shoppers think you’re mediocre...Ways to rise above it.
  • Shoppers have a new set of values grounded in happiness...How you can get them to spend more.    

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