How America Shops®

Future Shop® 2019-2022

Key shopper and retail trends
that will define your growth strategy.

The good news is shoppers are willing to spend again but how and where they do it, and, more importantly, why they do it is different.  Now it’s all about their time management. 

In the past year, we’ve talked to some 10,000 shoppers, studied 40+ categories (from food and fashion to health and home, from beauty and baby care and beverages to pets and more).  We’ve analyzed major and emerging retail channels, hundreds of retail formats, and interviewed leading retail executives.  All that is synthesized into Future Shop® 2019-2022.  The report brings you a fast look at key trends and insights that define what your future opportunities and challenges and how you can grow.  

Some of what you’ll learn...

  • Retail is rebounding but it is now different.  (Hint: It’s not only about online.)
  • Shoppers have new values:  It’s now less about price and more about the value of their time.
  • Trip frameworks have been transformed fast. (Alert: The stock-up trip is no longer what you think.  And quick trips are made online as much as in-store.)
  • Future success will be based on your ability to personalize the shoppers’ retail experience.  Not with personal offers for your products, but rather by recognizing how shoppers want to manage their time.  Saving time now means spending money.