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Goodbye Routine!
Hello New Trips

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When selling brands in stores do not increase sales, then what’s a brand, and a store, supposed to do? Shoppers say – get back to basics. 

Shoppers have a narrow and specific idea of what a store should be and it is all about getting the shopping job done fast and efficiently – with no aggravation. 

Most do not want to linger at disney-esque presentations, they want to get in and get out and move onto other things in their lives.

The report highlights how changes in routines and trips can be opportunities for stores to be a shopper destination – if the store environment is right. 

The report defines 3 shopper personalities to help prioritize and customize services and marketing to impact each.  Meet the Traditionalists, Speed Shoppers and Delight Me Shoppers and understand what they have in common and where they are different.

Four core product categories are covered in the report: Basic Groceries, Health/OTC, Beauty and Occasional purchases (e.g. Fashion, Home, and Electronics.)

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