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Shopping Boom Time

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A shopping boom is on its way. Our How America Shops® confidence metrics are up, and shopping is getting more of people's time. In fact, browsing has become an addiction (again)! 

In this report are detailed insights that support a boom in retail spending is on its way.   Our Shopping Confidence metrics are trending positive, and people are spending more of their time shopping.  In fact, browsing is becoming an addiction -- again. 

A consistent theme in our How America Shops® studies since the 2010 recession has been how shoppers are living the adage ‘time is money’, often choosing convenient shopping over a lower price. 

No surprise, the new retail landscape fits their demand for convenience, making it easy for people to spend more time shopping.  More are increasing their shopping time than any other activity. 

Special Analytic Groups available:

Shoppers of  25+ Retail Chains 
(Including all Mass Chains, Specialty Retailers, Department Stores, Online Retailers)

Buyers of 46 Product Categories
(Including Baby, Beauty, Beverage, Food, Health, Home, Personal Care, Pet Care)

Demographics Age 16+, Gender, Income, Ethnicity

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