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The Power of
The Xtreme

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The Xtreme shoppers are the ones you want most because their passion for a lifestyle extends to what they buy and how they shop.

The powerful shopper segments who are extreme in their passion for a lifestyle around Health or Food or Shopping are profiled in this report. 

Health, Food, and Shopping were studied because they have universal appeal, and each category has seen a dramatic change in the last few years, creating opportunities for marketers and retailers.

In this report, you will learn what you need to do commercialize these over-spending over-achievers.

The Power of Xtreme compares those who are Xtreme to those who are Casual about a lifestyle. The report includes...

  • The behaviors that make a person Xtreme
  • The shopping attitudes that influence their spending
  • The categories where they overspend, like to browse
  • The influence of sales and in store displays on their brand choices
  • The wide scope of retail that they shop to satisfy their Xtreme lifestyle
  • Their expectations of retailers
  • The demographics that set them apart from those who are Casual

Analyzed By:

Demographics: Age 16+, Gender

Xtreme Segments: Shopping, Health and Food Xtreme

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