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If you’re passionate about shoppers everyday, all day, if you stay close to their needs, their wants, their dreams, their changing lifestyles, the chance of success is great.


Shopper-Centric Solutions to A Specific Retail Account

Shopper-Centric Solutions to A Specific Retail Account

The company was looking for a process that could be used by any retail account team to solve shopper problems presented to them by an account.  The basis project was presented by a leading grocery retailer that asked the company to help them satisfy the Millennial shoppers who were leaving their chain.

WSL created a 3-step process that could be adapted to any account.

1. Retail Safari® Shop Along Groups of 2 Millennial shoppers + 2 Account Team members + 1 WSL facilitator toured 5 retail chains (3 grocery+2 others) for 4 hours to hear what retail environment, services and selection Millennials expect in ‘their’ stores.

2. A SNAP Debrief followed where WSL facilitated the team to download immediate ideas to solve the account’s millennial drop off.

3. In a WSL Workshop 2 weeks later WSL organized and recapped the immediate SNAP ideas, and drilled down with cross-functional teams from the company (Marketing, Promotions, Sales, Account Team) to develop shopping solutions that the grocery account could execute to satisfy Millennial shoppers.

The result: Six tactics were created to execute with the grocery account that would specifically target Millennial shoppers.  Two included our client’s category; 3 were more broadly focused on store services; 1 used digital outreach. The process was rolled up into a Shopper Centric Problem Solving template that could be applied nationally across all retail accounts.

Shopper-Centric Solutions to A Specific Retail Account

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