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Planning your retail strategy starts with following your shoppers to where they will go next. Throughout the year WSL conducts national research studies among thousands of shoppers and interprets the findings into what our clients need to be ready for.

And, we deliver global retail innovation that will influence shoppers' expectations of what the shopping experience needs to become. Helping brands and retailers anticipate shoppers' needs, wants and values starts with How America Shops® shopper research.

Loyalty in the Grab & Go Shopping World - Free Preview

Loyalty in the Grab & Go Shopping World - Free Preview

The shopping culture today is defined by speed and spontaneity, and this has far reaching impact on building shopper loyalty to a brand and a retailer.

Shopping is organized in a new way to get it done faster, but it is not all about buying online, since most CPG is still bought in a store.

In this report you will find windows of opportunity to interrupt the rote, grab and go shopping behavior that undermines brands.

Retailers will discover the new drivers to create chain loyalty – and be surprised at how Amazon is a distant #2 for shopper brand loyalty.

To purchase this report or to learn more, contact us directly:

Candace Corlett, President
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Free Preview

Loyalty in the Grab & Go Shopping World - Free Preview

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